Top 8 Dough Divider Manufacturers in Italy

Getting reliable supplier and manufacturer of dough divider plays an important role in having a baking business. If you’d like to purchase from the best manufacturer in Italy for dough divider and other baking machines, we have specially curated a list for you in this article. There are many details that get left out while you are selecting the best manufacturer. This is why we have mentioned the main products of each manufacturer.

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1. MFItaly

Location: Via Maso, 13/A 36035 Marano Vicentino (VI) Italy

Main Products:


  ●Double arm mixer, spiral mixer, fork dough mixer, removable bowl spiral mixer, spiral mixer lifter


  ●Automatic dough divider, dough divider rounder at rows, dough feeder, dough dividing and forming line, volumetric dough divider.


  ●Automatic ciabatta dough divider, dough breaker, automatic moulding system, belt rounder system.


  ●Commercial final proofers, industrial final proofers, intermediate proofer, retarder proofer.

About the Company:

MFItaly designs, manufactures and distributes in the world innovative equipment and systems for Bakeries, Pastry Shops and Pizzerias. Their ability to provide the right solutions from micro-equipment workshops to large-scale production installations stands as a testimony to their extensive product line – which has become a standard in the field of baking equipment. They have a team of experts dedicated to offering custom solutions to both the bakery industry and pastry makers, while continually pursuing the advancement of new technologies to keep up with market evolution.

2. Taibo Machine

Location: Zhujie Industrial Park, Mizhou Street, Zhucheng, Shandong, China

Main products:

●Volumetric Dough Divider

●Dough Rounder

 ●Conical dough rounder, small dough rounder

●Spiral Dough Mixer

About the Company:

Taibo Machine is a professional manufacturer of industrial baking equipment such as dough mixer, dough divider and dough rounder. The company was founded in 2013. Over the past 10 years, with their extensive network of distributors, they have delivered not only their equipment but also comprehensive service to 106 countries.

Their dough divider and dough rounder is applicable to a widely range dough weight and dough hydration. Compared with other machines, you can triple your production capacity and efficiency by 3 times while ensuring the quality of your baked products.

3. Zanolli

Location: Via Casa Quindici, 22 – 37066 Caselle di Sommacampagna Verona, Italy

Main products:


 ●Pizza ovens, pastry ovens, bread ovens, deli ovens.

●Complementary Machines

 ●Dough mixers, mixers, grinding machines, dough sheeters, dough dividers and rounders, auxiliary machines.

About the Company:

For 70 years, Zanolli has designed and manufactured ovens and machines for pizzerias, pastry shops and bakeries. Traditional Italian ingenuity and attention to the very latest technology translates into Zanolli’s guarantee of 100% Italian excellence both in Italy and abroad.

As one of the best established companies in the sector, Zanolli has an extensive network of distributors and retailers. They export all over the world applying same care and attention as within its Italian home territory.

The superior quality of the Zanolli bakery equipment is also ensured by a certified production process and dialogue with customers and professionals. 

4. RAM

Location: Via Piemonte, 9 – 36015 Schio (VI) – Italia

Main products:

●Planetary Mixers

●Dough Sheeters

●Bread Slicers


 ●Semiautomatic square dividers, automatic square dividers, semiautomatic hexagonal dividers, automatic hexagonal dividers, hydraulic dividers, hydraulic grid divider.

●Dividers Rounder

●Butter Dough Presses

About the Company:

You can always count on RAM for its staff that boasts of a more than thirty years competence in the bakery, pastry shop and pizzeria machines field.

Company RAM has a long experience and a deep knowledge of the market and customers’ needs. They are able to offer their customers four complete range of baking machines: dividers, planetary mixers, dough sheeters, bread slices. They also manufacture some other machines needful in bakery and pastry shops that do not fall into these categories.

The constant attention and research of new materials and new technical solutions translate into the reliability, safety and durability in their machines.

They currently have a full range of machinery, all of great quality at a very competitive price, and this has allowed them to successfully affirm all over the world.

5. Vitella

Location: Via dell’Artigianato, 5 – 36035 Marano Vicentino (VI) Italy

Main products: 

●Automatic dividers, semi automatic dividers, manual dividers

●Automatic presses, semi automatic presses

●Automatic rounders, semi automatic rounders, manual rounders,

About the Company:

Vitella Srl has successfully gifted modern bakers with machines that go much further than getting the job done. Their satisfying bakery equipment delivers exceptional  quality of achieved results and transforms dough preparation and dough processing into a fluid sequence.

Vitella takes every facet into consideration to give customers a reliable, safe and visually pleasing tool for achieving excellent results.

In 2009, they designed and built a line of dough handling machines in 2009. This line features a groundbreaking clean and unmistakable design, unique not only in design but concept.

6. Friul Co

Location: Via Ponte Giulio, 64 – Z. I. 33085 Maniago (PN) – Italy

Main Products:

●Mixer divider rounder, sheeter, divider, divider rounder, rounder.

About the Company:

Established in 1984, Friul Co is the forerunner of the production of machines for the natural juices and pizza equipment. Their sophisticated technical staff specializes in developing new concepts and new technologies to bring innovation, efficiency and precision to customers. Friul Co is known in Italy and all over the world for its dynamism, its efficiency, its top quality and reliable products.

Whatever your field of activity: chef, pizzeria, baker or bartender, Friulco manufactures reliable and high performance equipment that simplifies and speeds up your work, increasing your profit margin.


Location: Via Vittorio Veneto, 63 – 36035 Marano Vicentino (Vicenza) Italy

Main products:

●Automatic feeder, automatic units, cream cooker, intermediate proofers, lifting-tilting machines, lines, long-loaf moulders, moulder for rolled breads, puff pastry sheeters.


 ●Double arm mixers, fork mixers, spiral mixers, planetary mixers.


●Convection ovens, deck ovens, rotating rack ovens.


 ●Bread dividers, divider rounders, hydraulic dividers, stress free ciabatta dividers.

About the Company:

Sottoriva is a totally Italian company based in Marano Vicentino, in the province of Vicenza, where the design and the production of each machine take place. The ultimate goal of each product is to obtain quality and genuine food, in line with Italian tradition.

The company produces machines for bread, pastry and pizza in the home of good food. This company considers themselves a guarantee of quality throughout the world’s bakery field.


Location: 815 Alness St. North York, Ontario, Canada

Main products:

●Pizza Ovens

 ●Fired oven, deck oven, conveyor oven, residential ovens, pizza making tools.

●Pizza Preparation

●Dough mixers, dough dividers and rounders, dough stretchers, topping preparation.

●Other Equipment

About the Company:

Located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Italiana Foodtech Inc. was founded in 2010 by an industry expert who wanted to bring the best restaurant equipment from his home country of Italy. And that’s the reason why I put this company in the list. After all, who knows bakery and pizza better than Italians.

With a knowledgeable team, Italiana Foodtech has become a leading distributor of quality commercial food equipment, specializing in pizza and pasta.

Their extensive expertise, experience and knowledge of the food and culinary industries creates the foundation for their success. Italiana FoodTech provides solutions to help clients make the right equipment purchases to open or expand their restaurant business.


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