Best 8 Dough Rounder Manufacturers and Suppliers in UK

Are you on the hunt for the best dough rounder manufacturers in UK for your business? I created this list of notable ones that have stood out over the years.

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According to the research by a group of students, there are 288,000 pizzas sold in London every day, let alone the whole country. A full range of pizza equipment must have been used to support this huge output. The United Kingdom is now home to some of the most accomplished dough rounder manufacturers and suppliers.

Are you on the hunt for the best dough rounder manufacturers for your business? I created this list of notable ones that have stood out over the years. 

1. Oddy Bakery Equipment

Location: Fountain Works, Child Lane, Roberttown, Liversedge, West Yorkshire, WF15 7PH

Company Type: Manufacturer

Year Founded: 1945

Main Products:

●Bread roll line, bread roll moulding table, bread roll panner, cross conveyor, intermediate proofer, dough divider rounder, plait machine, wetter seeder.

About the Company:

As the oldest company in this list, Oddy deserves the first place. The long-lasting history bears testimony to the successes of the company. Oddy is the only British manufacturer of dividers, rounders and roll plants. Their products are sold under the Novatek name. The company endeavors to ensure quality, competitive price and versatility in meeting customer’s requirements.

The company enumerates 4 installation cases of bakery lines and pitta bread plant on their website. I can truly see between the words and the lines that the company gained infinite pride and passion from customer satisfaction.

About the Oddy Novatek Dough Rounder:

The company manufactures dough divider rounders for bread roll plants. Compared with other standalone rounders, Novatek dough rounders are more like a combined divider rounder, thus having very large output.

The weight range of the first one is 10g-208g (2 or 3 rows) and the second is 10g-208g (4 to 6 rows), 10g-100g (8 rows).

The second one is capable of processing 250kg dough per shift, which greatly reduces labor requirement. I think these two dough divider rounders are ideal for supermarket instore bakeries owing to its versatility, compactness and hygiene.

2. Taibo Machine

Location: Zhujie Industrial Park, Mizhou Street, Zhucheng, Shandong, China

Company Type: Manufacturer

Year Founded: 2013

Main Products:

●Conical dough rounders, compact dough rounders, volumetric dough dividers, spiral dough mixers, planetary dough mixers.

About the Company:

You didn’t read it wrong. Of course Taibo is not based in UK. There are reasons that I put it on this list. Taibo Machine has been a manufacturer of industrial food processing machines and bakery machines for 10 years. With their own factory and sophisticated engineers, they are capable of customization, OEM, ODM, and bulk production. Over the past years, they’ve provided machines and comprehensive food processing solutions to end users and distributors from 106 countries. It’s not surprising that your favorite local pizzeria or bakery using Taibo dough divider and rounder.

About the Taibo Dough Rounder:

Taibo designs and develops TBGR3 compact dough rounder and TBMR3 conical dough rounder. The applicable weight range of them is 30-300g and 20-1100g. Both of these dough dividers are suited to sticky dough, that is dough of high hydration. You can also adjust the rotation speed of TMGR3 to round of of different hydration.

Due to the Teflon coated on the spiral rounding track, dough will not stick to the machine, thereby enabling easy operation, cleaning and maintenance. All these two rounders can be integrated with Taibo TBMF3 volumetric dough divider machine for efficient and consistent dough ball production. If you’d like to know more, please leave a comment or an inquiry.

3. Brook Food& Bakery Equipment

Location: Roughmoor Williton Industrial Estate, The New Works, Taunton TA4 4RF

Company Type: Supplier, manufacturer.  

Year Founded: 1994

Main Products:

●Electric deck oven, convection oven, rack oven, tunnel oven, spiral mixer, planetary mixer, twin arm mixer, water meters, bun divider moulder, hydraulic divider, volumetric divider, bread moulder, conical moulder.

About the Company:

Brook Food has been the largest supplier of used equipment in UK and Europe. It also source new equipment from world leading manufactures. The company acquired Bell Perkins in 2003, and since then, it manufactures in house, customized and standard machinery.

The Brook Team is full of people with passion, enthusiasm and professionalism in bakery industry. Some of then are even former bakers. They shall, therefore, have a deeper understanding of your requirements and products you are going to bake.

What I like about them is their test bakery facility in Somerset. This is a free service and it’s open to all new and existing customers. You can test the equipment before you make the final decision. This is a great way to save your time and money.

About the Polin and ATS Dough Rounder:

There are at least 4 dough handling machines in Brook’s catalog: bun divider moulder, conical moulder rounder, cob moulder and twin band rounder. I’ll only introduce some new machines here.

The first is Polin bun divider moulder, which is produced in Ram’s factory. This dough portioner moulder divides dough into 100-260g, 50-180g, 40-135g, 25-90g and 12-35g.

The second is ATS conical dough rounder for dough portions of 100-1200g. Honestly speaking, this is not a wide weight range. I’ll show you a cutting-edge dough rounder that is applicable to 20-1100g, looking after both small and large dough pieces.

4. Pizza Equipment Ltd.

Location: 7 St. Kilda’s Road Harrow Middlesex HA1 1QD

Company Type: Dealer

Year Founded: 1990

Main Products:

●Conveyor oven, electric deck oven, gas deck oven, dough mixers, dough rollers, dough press, dough dividers, dough rounders, planetary mixer, dough spreader.

About the Company:

All types of pizza ovens is one of the company’s many strengths. Pizza Equipment Ltd is the most accomplished dealer in pizza equipment and pizza accessory in UK. Their experience and knowledge also extends to all bakery and catering equipment. No matter what you produce or what type your business is, the company can supply the equipment you need.

About the Pastaline Dough Rounder:

Pizza Equipment Ltd Supplies Pastaline KALI dough rounder. The manufacturer of it is Velma S.r.l. I’ve introduced this company before. If interested, please click to read.

This KALI dough rounder is suitable for dough portions of 30g-1300g. The hourly output is 2400 dough balls.

5. Pizza Equipment and Supplies

Location: Unit 8, Padgets Lane Redditch Worcestershire B98 0RA

Company Type: Supplier  

Main Products:

●Pizza ovens, dough mixers, dough rounders, dough presses, dough dividers, dough rollers, automatic pizza saucer, refrigeration equipment, food preparation equipment.

About the Company:

Pizza Equipment and Supplies specializes in the pizza producing sector. After years of working with pizza makers, they have gained broad experience in the catering industry. They choose the perfect equipment and create feasible solutions for customers’ business.

One thing I appreciate is that they try and test every equipment before selling. This gives customers a guarantee of smooth operation and best performance.

About the IGF and Vitella Dough Rounder:

Pizza Equipment and Supplies has 5 rounders available, including automatic, semi-automatic and manual dough rounders. First, there are two models of IGF dough rounding machine, suitable for dough pieces of 30g to 300g and 50g to 800g. The dough hydration is up to 75%.

The last three ones are Vitella dough rounders. You can choose the right one according to your specific requirements.

6. Creeds Direct

Location: Unit A3, Brunel Gate, Telford Close, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire HP19 8AR

Company Type: Supplier.

Year Founded: Over 50 years.

Main Products:

●Bakery ovens, bread slicers, bun dividers, cold storage equipment, cutting tables, dough dividers, dough moulders, doughnut fryers, fermentation tanks, flour sifters, dough mixers, pastry sheeters, pie machines, proofing cabinets, water chillers, water meters.

About the Company:

Creeds Direct was founded in the light of their love and passion for baking and supplying high-quality equipment to all bakers. The company sources commercial baking equipment from reliable manufacturers globally.

The team of ex-professional virtuoso bakers means everything to the company. They are committed to providing practical and tailored advice for all customers, ensuring customer satisfaction every step of the way.

About the Dough Rounder:

Creeds Direct supplies Daub dough rounder, Colbake dough rounder and DELL’ORO dough rounders. With different moulding plates, the Daub rounder is capable of cutting dough into 14 pieces, 30 pieces, 36 pieces and 52 pieces.

The V-Belt rounder is able to round dough with hydration between 65% and 90%, weighing from 70g to 2200g. The height of the machine is adjustable to fit other machines.

DELL’ORO conical rounders are generally applicable to pieces of 100-3500g. The orbital rounder is ideal for dough pieces with hydration between 45% and 60%. The last pizza dough rounder is roughly suitable for dough of 20g to 310g. For more details, please visit their website.

7. Euro Pizza Ovens

Location: White Mount, Whitesmocks, Durham, DH1 4HN

Company Type: Supplier

Year Founded: Unknown

Main Products:

●Pizza oven, bakery ovens, dough mixers, dough press, dough rollers, dough rounders, catering equipment, refrigeration, bar equipment.

About the Company:

Euro Pizza Ovens has extensive expertise in supplying catering equipment to the food service industry. They building their reputation by giving customers the right advice and service. Their customers ranging from independent restaurants to major chains.

About the Pastaline and Zanoli Dough Rounder:

Just like Pizza Equipment Ltd, Euro Pizza Ovens also supplies Pastaline Kali dough ball rounder.

Besides, they also have Zanoli dough divider rounder. This machine shortens portioning time and produces perfectly rounded dough balls. All working phases are completely programmable and automatic.

8. Revolution Bakery Equipment& Supplies

Location: 25 Rutland Street, Swinton, M27 6AU

Company Type: Manufacturer, supplier.

Year Founded: Unknown

Main Products: 

●Pastry roller belts, butter and dough press, pastry roller, dough sheeter, planetary mixer, manual dough divider, pizza spinner, bun divider moulder, spiral mixer, dough rounder, feeding hopper.

About the Company:

Revolution Bakery Equipment& Supplies started as a manufacturer of canvas belts for dough sheeters. After working for several years, the company got into the swing of commercial bakery equipment. Since then, they have moved on to supply procurement services. They research, source and supply whatever customers need. Their growing product range stands as a demonstration of their ability and longevity.

About the Sigma Dough Rounder:

Revolution Bakery Equipment& Supplies provides Sigma dough rounders. The first is Sigma screw rounder, rounding pieces from 50g – 1800g at a rate of up to 1500 pieces per hour. This machine is applicable to hard and soft or very humid dough.

The second is Sigma conical dough rounder, having different models. The weight range is 100/150 g to 2000 g or 300 g to 3900 g. The double-cone machine has doubled productivity.

The last is Sigma bun divider moulder. The machine conforms to CE rules and is ETL, CSA certified.


Below is the list of best dough rounder manufacturers and suppliers. If you’d like to know more about dough rounder and other bakery machines, please click to read.

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