Best Bakery Equipment Wholesalers in US

List of best bakery equipment wholesalers in the United States.

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List of best bakery equipment wholesalers in the United States.

1. WebstaurantStore

Address: Lancaster, PA, US

Company Type: Distributor 

Year Founded: 2004

Main Products:

·Restaurant equipment, commercial refrigeration equipment, food preparation equipment, dough dividers, dough rounders, dough moulders, reversible dough sheeters.

About the Company:

WebstaurantStore is the leading distributor of restaurant supplies and equipment. It is the largest online restaurant supply store serving professional and individual customers worldwide. Its’ online service and easy-to use website bring generous convenience to customers in America and all over the world.

The company boasts fast shipping, low prices, high quality content and customer support. They have several warehouses located in Delaware, Georgia, Kentucky, Maryland, Nevada, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania and Texas.

About the WebstaurantStore Dough Divider Rounder:

WebstaurantStore supplies a wide array of bakery equipment. There are at least 60 items in the Dough Divider Rounder category on their website. However, I’ll just introduce four of them, the Doyon dough divider, Somerset dough divider and Somerset dough rounder.

The first is Doyon semi-automatic dough divider rounder. It divides dough into 36 parts. The output is up to 1200 pieces per hour. It is ideal to divide dough with an optimal absorption ratio from 55-65% and with a weight range from 2.1 oz. to 7 oz.

The second is Doyon electric hydraulic dough divider. It divides into 20 pieces, from 7 oz. to 28 oz. The round chamber gives less pressure on the dough. This machine is highly versatile, suitable for a wide variety of dough, including bread, tortilla, pizza, cookie and other baked goods.

The third is Somerset SDR-400T Dough Rounder with Table. It is capable of making 7,200 dough balls from 1 oz. to 36 oz. per hour. The table comes with the machine completes your dough rounding operation.  

The fourth is Somerset Electric Dough Divider. It features extremely compact design, allowing it to be fitted into small kitchens. In the meantime, it handles commissary levels of production. This unit accurately scales and divides dough from 4 oz. to 32 oz.

2. Taibo Machine

Location: Zhujie Industrial Park, Mizhou Street, Zhucheng, Shandong, China

Company Type: Manufacturer, wholesaler

Year Founded: 2013

The Number of Employees: 20-30

Main Products:

●Dough Mixer

●Dough Divider

●Dough Rounder

 ●Conical dough rounder, compact dough rounder

About the Company:

Taibo Machine was founded in 2013 and they have been striving to manufacture food processing machines and bakery equipment of the highest quality. Their experienced engineers and sales staff are dedicated to providing machines and solutions that fits your business best. Their own factory enables the company to provide ODM, OEM and customization services. In addition, the factory enables the company to increase its warehouse space to include a machines inventory, ready to ship at a moment’s notice.

Up to now, Taibo has provided personalized dough processing solutions for customers from 106 countries, among which Australia boasts many locations we are exporting to. You may find your favorite local pizzeria or bakery using Taibo dough divider and rounder.

About the Taibo Volumetric Dough Divider:

Taibo designs and produces MF3 dough dividers. There are 3 models available, dividing 2-250g, 250-800g and 2-800g. The double screw propeller and precise photoelectric sensor make it suitable for different dough, recipes and operators. Easily removable and changeable molds ensure the versatility of the machine.

The dough hydration is widely ranged from 50% to 70%. The error is ±1g to 1%. The divider can be coupled to dough rounder for more efficient and consistent production.

About the Taibo Dough Rounder:

Taibo has TBGR3 compact dough rounder and TBMR3 conical dough rounder. The applicable weight range of them is 30-300g and 20-1100g. Both of these dough dividers are suited to sticky dough, that is dough of high hydration.

You can also adjust the rotation speed of TMGR3 to round dough of different hydration. Due to the Teflon coated on the spiral rounding track, dough will not stick to the machine, thereby enabling easy operation, cleaning and maintenance.

3. Erika Record Baking Equipment

Address: 190 Fairfield Avenue West Caldwell, New Jersey 07006, US

Company Type: Manufacturer, supplier

Year Founded: 1991 

Main Products: 

Divider rounders, mixers, ovens, sheeters, slicer, confectionery depositors, cookie machines, egg washers and greasers, make up lines.

About the Company: 

Erika Record Baking Equipment was originally founded to sell their flagship products: Erika Record divider, rounders. Several years later, they expand their service range to repairing equipment and selling other lines of equipment. Over the past decades, Erika record has grown to be a industry leading supplier and manufacturer.

Erika Record cooperates with leading manufacturers within the baking industry, including COLBAKE, JAC, MONO, etc.

About the Erika Record Dough Divider Rounders:

Erika Record provides a full spectrum of divider rounders, ranging from manual to fully automated.

The first is hand dough divider. It quickly divides a large portion of dough into 15 or 36 equally portioned pieces, each piece weighing 153g-269g or 29g-113g. This machine can be placed on a tabletop or be used with the stainless steel stand as shown in the picture.

The following 3 semi-automated machines are ideal for retails bakeries that are producing various products. With removable knife heads, these models can process multiple weight ranges in one machine.

The last 2 fully automated divider rounders are suited to retails and wholesale bakeries that are producing large quantities of the same products. These models feature streamlined operation for improved production flow.

4. KaTom

Address: 305 KaTom Drive, Kodak, TN 37764, US

Company Type: Supplier, wholesaler

Year Founded: 1987

Main Products:

•Restaurant equipment, kitchen equipment, front of house, pizzeria equipment, bakery supplies.

About the Company:

One thing I found interesting is that many great American companies are developed from a garage, just like the Erika Record and KaTom I’ll introduce now.

Everything KaTom does is about customers. Since their founding in 1987, they’ve become the one of the nation’s largest restaurant equipment suppliers. They partner with many well-known and reliable manufactures to fulfill every customer’s needs.

About the KaTom Dough Divider Rounder:

KaTom also supplies a full spectrum of dough preparation equipment. Majority of the dough dividers and dough rounders are from the brand Doyon, DoughXpress and Bakemax.

The first is Doyon divider rounder, cutting dough into 30 portions ranging in weight from 1 to 3.5 ounces. The output is 3500 pieces per hour. The machine is mounted on wheels for mobility. It features built-in thermal overload protection protects the motor from overheating.

The second is DoughXpress Dough Divider/Rounder. The hopper accommodates 1,487 ounces, or 44 liters, of dough. It can produce between 154 and 880 pounds of dough balls per hour. With the speed and dough weight controls, operators can adjust the dough to be divided between 6.5 and 22.9 ounces.

The last is DoughXpress dough ball rounder. This machine is suited to round portions of 2.5 and 42 ounces. Operators can modify portion sizes between to account for different bread types, including dough for pizzas, pastries, and tortillas. In an hour, this unit can round 661 pounds of dough.


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