Top 8 Dough Divider Manufacturers in Germany 2022

If you are looking for a dough divider manufacturer in Germany, you may find it complex and tricky. However, lucky for you, here's a list of expert dough ball dividing machine manufacturers that can meet your requirements.

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The economy of Germany is a highly developed social market economy. It has the largest national economy in Europe, the fourth-largest by nominal GDP in the world. Germany is proficient in producing automobiles, machinery, electrical equipment and chemicals. The bakery equipment plays a role in the machinery industry.

If you are looking for a dough divider manufacturer in Germany, you may find it complex and tricky. However, lucky for you, here are some expert dough ball dividing machine manufacturers that can meet your requirements.

1. Fortuna

Location: Auwaldstrasse 1, 96231 Bad Staffelstein

Main Products:

●Dividing and Rounding

 ●Semi-automate dough divider rounder, automate divider rounder, high performance dough divider rounder, accessories.

Fermenting and Processing

 ●Intermediate proofer, modulare bread roll line, combine bread roll.

About the Company:

Fortuna puts customers and their individual needs at the center of their work. They specialize in manufacturing machinery for producing small bakery goods such as bread rolls, pretzels, Berliner, pizza, tortilla, etc. The company provides clients with custom-made machines and production lines, helping them produce fragrant baked goods with exceptional quality. In designing and manufacturing, they attach great importance to gentle dough processing, which makes the products taste like handmade.

Fortuna is one of the oldest manufacturers that loomed large in bakery machines industry, representing technical know-how and product quality “made in Germany”. You can find their 103 years of expertise in every facet of their products.

About the Dough Divider:

Here are 3 of Fortuna’s dough dividers. They bear all the hallmarks of a quality dough processing machine: solidity, efficiency and accuracy. For more information, please check their website.

2. Taibo Machine

Location: Zhujie Industrial Park, Mizhou Street, Zhucheng, Shandong, China

Main Products:

●Dough Mixer

●Dough Divider

●Dough Rounder

 ●Conical dough rounder, compact dough rounder

About the Company:

Based in Shandong, part of East China, Taibo machine boasts convenient transportation at home and abroad. Their 10 years of experience in manufacturing bakery equipment and exporting have complemented each other, making them the leading manufacturer of dough divider, dough rounder and other baking machines worldwide. From single machines to entire dough handing lines, from agents to enterprises, they have successfully cooperated with customers from 106 countries. Inspired by the enterprise values of innovation, dedication and professionalism, they become stronger and ready to meet diverse customer requirements.

About the Dough Divider:

Taibo’s ingenuity can be found in every facet of their newly developed volumetric dough divider. This dough dividing machine is made of SUS304 Food Grade Stainless Steel. It divides 2-800g and the output is 25-80 pcs/min. It is applicable to dough of widely ranged water content. The hydration ranges from 50% to 70%. The dough dividing machine features high accuracy. The weight tolerance is ±1g~1%.

3. Werner & Pfleiderer Bakery Technologies

Location: Werner & Pfleiderer Lebensmitteltechnik GmbH von-Raumer-Str. 8-18 91550 Dinkelsbühl, Germany

Main Products:

●Dough Divider and Moulder Rolls

●Roll Lines

●Loading System

●Multi-deck Ovens

●Rack Ovens

●Vacuum Cooling

●Instore Baking Oven

About the Company:

For more than 140 years, WP Bakery Technologies has been developing technical solutions for bakers. They build, install and maintain baking ovens, machines and production lines for all kinds of bakeries from artisan enterprises to full-scale industrial production lines. Their multi-deck oven is a legend in bakery technology. They are the experts for every type of oven, loading systems, dough processing lines and vacuum cooling systems. With their products, customers can get the best bakery results.

About the Dough Divider:

WP Bakery Technologies has a dazzling array of dough dividers and moulders. They can handle artisan, semi industrial and industrial bakery production. Generally speaking, the total weight range of all these dividers is 24-600g. The largest output is 3000 pcs/h/row. The picture only shows 3 of their dough dividers. If you’d like to know more, please check their website.


Location: Zeulenrodaer Straße 48 D-07950 Zeulenroda-Triebes, Germany

Main Products:
●Automatic dough divider and rounders, long roll unit, stamping machine, compact proofer, bread roll feeder, moulded bread roll system, slit bread roll system.

About the Company:

TRIMA Triebeser Maschinenbau GmbH is a medium-sized company headquartered in Zeulenroda-Triebes, Thuringia. The company is a expert in dough processing machines and baking machines. Their mission is to make daily work easier for the users of the machines and improve the quality and efficiency of production while retaining the hand-made quality of the products.

With their experience in many fields, they are capable of constantly improving and perfecting the quality of their products. Well-trained and skilled staff translates customers needs into high practical solutions.

About the Dough Divider:

Trima’s dough dividers can be used as stand-alone machines or be integrated with other machines. Whether you’d like to produce big or small balls manually or fully automatically, Trima has the optimal dough divider and rounder for you. Most of them feature stainless steel design and little cleaning. The total weight range of these machines is 15g-250g.

5. GBT GmbH German Bakery Technology

Location: Gottlieb-Daimler-Straße 2 78048 Villingen-Schwenningen Germany

Main Products:

●Dough Divider, rounder, moulder, strewers, cutting machines, intermediate proofer, final proofer, froster, tunnel ovens, cooling towers, control system, conveyor technology.

About the Company:

GBT GmbH is a visionary enterprise with a team of bakery experts. They are a past master at looking back on decades of experience in the development of industrial bread baking plants, baguette baking plants, speciality bread plants, tunnel ovens and conveying systems.

GBT’s listen carefully to the customers’ need and provide comprehensive service consists of consulting, planning, conception, project management, manufacturing, shop and site assembly, commissioning and after sales service.

About the Dough Divider:

GBT’s completely redesigned and improved dough divider features adjustable stroke pressure, the frequency-controlled speed for machine cycles and discharge belts. The dough divider also comes with freely selectable options. The dough divider can be connected to the rounder moulder seamlessly and can be integrated into complete bread baking plants and bakery goods production lines.

6. Rheon Automatic Machinery GmbH

Location: Tiefenbroicher Weg 30 40472 Düsseldorf Germany

Main Products:

●Food Encrusting Machines

●Dough Sheet Weighing and Dividing Machine

About the Company:

Rheon Automatic Machinery GmbH, Rheon’s European headquarters, was established in 1974 and is located in Düsseldorf, the capital of Germany’s biggest state North Rhine-Westphalia.

Rheon boasts a laboratory that has cutting-edge machines for testing to offer to customers. You can test the machines for bread products, pastries, confectionery products, savory foods and catering foods in the laboratory. The engineering department in the laboratory helps customers to conduct their food production plant design and offers. The plant engineering department supports customers to carry out their food production plant design and offers necessary consultation. They offer comprehensive customer services for testing and customization as well as maintenance, repair and spare part stocking.

About the Dough Divider:

Rheon’s unique V4 Stress Free® system enables bakery goods manufactures to produce damage-free dough during the forming process. With the unique Gravimetric® Method, their dough dividing and weighing units divides the dough sheets accurately into desired weight and length.

7. Schenck Process

Location: Průmyslová 484 252 61 Jeneč

Main Products:

Static and dynamic scales, mass flow meters, gravimetric and volumetric feeders, screens, air separators, mechanical filters, thermal processing equipment, mixers, sifters, mills, extruders, depositors and coaters, former, shaper and sandwicher, mechanical filters, mills.

About the Company: 

Schenck Process is a global market leader for sustainable, integrated measuring and process technology solutions. They are the partner you can rely on to keep things running and they are passionate in solving complex solutions and transforming customers’ process. Their passion spurs them to deliver the completely custom-made process solutions for your business. With 140 years of unsurpassed expertise, they are your partner that will always strive to truly make processes work.

About the Dough Divider:

Schenck Process features accuracy, reliability and low cost. With the wide range of piece weight and output combination, the dough divider can be used to handle small breads, pizza bases and even large loaves. The dough dividing machine maintains an accuracy of 2.5 to 3.5g and gentle dough handling. The touch screen enables easy operation and adjustment. All components that require regular cleaning is accomplished by hinge over and there is no inaccessible area, thus it is easy to clean.

8. Baker Perkins

Location: Manor Drive Paston Parkway Peterborough PE4 7AP, United Kingdom

Main Products:

Bread Equipment

 ●Mixer, laboratory mixer, high speed mixer, commercial dough divider machine, conical rounder, first prover, flour free dough resting system, moulder.

About the Company:

Baker Perkins is a part of Schenck Process Group. It supplies high-output mixing and forming systems for tin and pan bread. Their processing equipment features high levels of efficiency, very accurate scaling weights and visibly superior product quality.
Shops and supermarket shelves are loaded with food produced by the Baker Perkins equipment. Baker Perkins technology plays an important part in many famous brands in the bread, biscuit, confectionery, snack and breakfast cereal sectors.

About the Dough Divider:

Baker Perkins dough divider features accurate weight control, reliable and easy maintenance and easy access for thorough cleaning. If you’d like to know more about their dough divider, please check their website or Schenck Process’s website.


It is prudent to select the ideal manufacturer of the dough divider. For the good of your business, you should evaluate all aspects of the manufacturer and equipment. If you’re looking for more about dough divider and manufacturers worldwide, check out the following articles:

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