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Best 10 Dough Divider Suppliers in Australia 2022

Among the diversified industries of Australia, the bakery equipment industry has recently taken hold. As an important part of bakery equipment, dough divider has chalked up successive development in recent years. So here I am today, making a list of top 10 suppliers of dough divider in Australia.

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The economy of Australia benefits greatly from its mix of diversified industries. Traditional manufacturing and international business have provided a firm foundation for diversification. Among them, the bakery equipment industry has recently taken hold. The Australia bakery market size was valued at 9.05 billion in 2021. As an important part of bakery equipment, dough divider has chalked up successive development in recent years. So here I am today, making a list of top 10 suppliers of dough divider in Australia.  

1. Practical Products

Location: 51 Paramount Drive, Wangara Perth WA 6065

Type of the Company: Supplier, manufacturer

Main Products:

•Pizza Equipment

  •Pizza deck ovens, pizza dough rollers, dough mixer spiral, dough mixer planetary, pizza conveyor ovens, pizza dough rounder and divider, pizza dough shaping press, pizza roll machine. 

•Bakery Equipment and Machines

  •Bakery pastry fridges, bakery convection ovens with steam, bakery deck ovens, bakery trolley, bread slicer, dough dividers, dough pastry sheeters, holding cabinet, ingredient bin, provers.

About the Company:

Practical products is a specialist in custom catering manufacturing and commercial kitchen equipment. They only stock & sell top quality commercial cooking equipment and commercial refrigeration from world recognized catering equipment brands like Waldorf, HOBART, LUUS, Bonn, Vitamix and so on.

They also manufacture and install custom commercial kitchens, coolrooms, bars, shop refrigerated and heated display made to customers’ specifications. Their dedicated project management & installation teams will save time, have your business up and running on time and on budget.

2. Taibo Bakery Equipment

Location: Zhujie Industrial Park, Mizhou Street, Zhucheng, Shandong, China

Type of the Company: Manufacturer

Main Products:

•Volumetric Dough Divider

•Dough Rounder

  •Conical dough rounder, small dough rounder

•Dough Divider Rounder Production Line

•Dough Mixer

About the Company:

Taibo bakery equipment is a professional manufacturer of industrial baking machines and bread production line equipment. The reason I put this Chinese manufacturer with confidence in this list is that although based in China, they have exported automatic baking equipment and solutions to customers from 106 countries. This stands as a testimony to their remarkable abilities to understand every customer’s needs and translate them into feasible ideas and solutions. This is also a demonstration of their experience in international trades.

Compared with other dough dividing equipment, Taibo’s dough divider is applicable to an extensive range of raw materials no matter in terms of dough weight or dough hydration. In this era, versatility matters and thus, Taibo dough divider is here to stay.

3. Carlyle Engineering

Location: 70-80 Buckland Street Clayton Victoria 3168 Australia

Type of the Company: Manufacturer, supplier

Main Products:

•Bakery Equipment

 •Bread slicers, donut frying, dough divider, dough rounder, dough moulder, fridge and freezer, pastry sheeter, pie warmer, provers, retarder prover, water chillers and meters.

About the Company:

Carlyle Engineering is a family owned company based in Clayton and they have been manufacturing specifically bakery and catering equipment since the 1930’s. They supply the best quality bakery and related hospitality equipment to australian bakery, bakers, chefs and pastry chefs around Australia. All their sales staff are qualified bakers or chefs so you can be confident you’re working alongside people who really understand your needs and you can save time by working with them.

As well as manufacturing their own equipment, they also operate as a direct importer and agent for other leading manufacturers in Australia and around the world.  They have both new and old bakery-related machines.

4. Countrywide Bakery & Catering Essentials

Location: PO Box 479 Albany Creek QLD 4035

Type of the Company: Supplier

Main Products:

•Bakery Equipment

  •Benches, bread slicers, bun dividers rounders, cake mixers, dough dividers, moulders, ovens, pastry blockers, pastry sheeters, provers, retarder provers, spiral mixers, water doser mixers, water chillers.  

About the Company:

Countrywide bakery and catering essentials services all of Australia. You’ll get expert advice and solutions from those with industry experience on all products and a high level of customer service. They are dedicated and driven in sourcing and supplying the latest range of commercial bakery and catering equipment to all areas of the food and hospitality industry including bakeries, cafes, restaurants, hotels, supermarkets, commercial kitchens, home kitchens, fast food facilities, and the general public.

5. Snowmaster

Location: 191 Ramsay Street, Haberfield, NSW, 2045

Type of the Company: Supplier

Main Products:

•Bakery Equipment

  •Dough dividers, dough sheeters, forked mixers, pizza dough formers, planetary mixers, spiral mixer, provers and holding.

•Cooking equipment, dishwasher, fridges, freezers, benches, beverage equipment, etc.

About the Company:

Snowmaster is Australia’s leading supplier of commercial kitchen equipment and catering equipment. For more than 75 years they have been delivering the world’s finest commercial fridges, freezers, dishwashers, cooking equipment and beverage equipment— all over Australia.

Whether you’re opening a coffee shop, refitting your restaurant, or installing commercial kitchen equipment at your public service facility — Snowmaster has you covered. You’ll get expert advice, on-site measuring and consultations from a professional sales team, as well as outstanding follow-up service with their qualified technicians.

6. Australian Bakery and Pizza

Location: 50 -52 Norcal Road Nunawading, Victoria, Australia 3131

Type of the Company: Supplier 

Main Products:

•Dough Mixers

  •Spiral mixers, planetary mixers, fork mixer, double arm mixers.


  •Convention ovens, rack ovens, deck ovens, modular deck ovens, gas ovens, electric ovens.

•Bakery and Pizza

 •Water Chiller and Mixer, pastry dough sheeter, retarder prover, moulder, hydraulic dough divider, automatic volumetric dough divider, dough divider rounder.

About the Company:

Established in 1980, the company has gone from strength to strength, building upon its core values of customer service and equipment quality. While they are small enough to care for the independent Bakery and Pizza shop. They also have a dealer and service network to support the mutli chain Pizza or Bakery Franchise.

7. Kitchen Equipment Australia

Location: 6 Chaffey St. Thomastown VIC 3074 Australia

Type of the Company: Supplier

Main Products:

•Bakery and Pizza Equipment

  •Pizza shaping machine, bakery deck ovens, commercial bread slicers, dough stretchers, dough divider, pizza dough sheeter, planetary dough mixer, spiral dough mixer.

•Commercial refrigeration equipment, cooking equipment, food processor, coffee equipment, heated food display cabinet, etc.

About the Company:

Kitchen Equipment Australia buys and sells top quality new and used commercial catering kitchen equipment. They also offer you flexible, affordable finance solutions for your business.

8. W & P Reedy

Location: 31 Stanley Street, Peakhurst 2210 (PO Box 137) NSW Australia

Type of the Company: Supplier  

Main Products:

•Dough Dividers

 •Hydraulic dough divider, suction divider, bun divider and moulder, special divider.

•Dough Moulding Equipment

 •Bread loaf moulder, pizza moulder flattener, baguette moulder, bread roll moulder.

About the Company:

W & P Reedy has been involved in the baking equipment and machinery industry since 1935 and has established themselves as innovators and leaders.

They are importers and exporters of quality equipment and are well respected by their competitors and customers. They cater mainly for Bakers and Pastrycooks but also supply Hotels, Motels, Restaurants and Pizza shops. They have a full range of baking machinery and are always ready to accept challenges and requests made for any unusual or non-standard items with confidence.


Location: 2 McGregors Drive, Keilor Park Vic 3042

Type of the Company: Supplier

Main Products:

•Dough Divider

•Dough Rounder

•Doughnut Equipment  

About the Company:

Notleys Bakery Equipment has been operating in Australia and New Zealand since 1983. They joined forces with Multivac Australia in 2020 to strengthen their position as market leaders, and to ensure their customers have the very best in sales and service which is synonymous with the Notleys name. Notleys sources quality equipment from the United States and Europe. They now hold 7 state offices within Australia and New Zealand and have access to 65 service technicians. They offer the very best in preventative maintenance programs to assist with ongoing care of your investments.

10. Innovative Food Equipment Australia

Location: Unit 3, 2 Tullamarine Park Road, Tullamarine, 3043, Victoria, Australia

Type of the Company: Supplier

Main Products:

•Pizza Making

  •Pizza dough rounder, dough divider, dough divider with rounder, mixer divider rounder, pizza dough rollers, compact pizza deck oven, pizza warmer.

About the Company:

Innovative Food Equipment Australia is the Australian importer-distributor for FriulCo, Bottene, Italgi, Sirman, Capitani.

IFEA specialises in Pizza Equipment, Commercial Pasta Machines, Pasta Cooking Stations, Food Processors, Panini Grills, Pizza Making machine, Noodle Machine, Meat Slicers, Packaging Equipment, Deli & Commercial Catering Equipment. IFEA has a comprehensive Australian wide network of dealers and service agents. They are a supplier of food processing & hospitality equipment to national pizza chains, pasta manufacturers and QSR. IFEA also services institutions, restaurants, cafes, catering companies and food manufacturers. The brands that they import and support are renowned Italian manufacturers of the highest quality standards; Bottene, FriulCo, Italgi, Sirman and Capitani.


Dough divider improves efficiency but only when chosen right. In light of this, do not compromise on supplier and equipment quality, find experts that will deliver above and beyond your expectations.

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