5 Signs You Might Need a Dough Divider

Do you really need a dough divider for your bakery? If you are hesitant about this investment, keep on reading. This passage explains 5 situations where a dough dividing machine may be a necessity. And these situations includes you producing in volume, you producing multiple types of breads, etc.

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Bakeries today tend to equip themselves with automatic baking machines to cope with the increasing demands. A dough divider is one of their considerations. Dough divider machines are efficient in cutting dough into portions of regular weight and shape. They come in different types and are easy to get. You can purchase one from manufacturers worldwide or from local distributors, which may take less time.

However, investing in equipment is not an urgent decision to make. If you are still not sure whether you really need a dough divider, just keep on reading. And if you are in any of the five situations below, a dough divider would be the perfect addition to your bakery.

1.You produce large quantities.

Do you create large quantities of bread day in and day out? Do you divide dough and weigh dough portions hundreds of times in a day? If the answer is yes, a dough divider is exactly what you need.

There are generally two types of bakeries: wholesale and retail bakery. No matter what kind of bakery you own, you must spend the majority of time on dough preparation. However, getting all the dough portions ready can be time and labor consuming.

If you make breads in volume, you may need to start working early in the morning or hire some employees. Nevertheless, can prolonging the working time and increasing labors guarantee the consistency and efficiency? It’s hard to say. But what we can be sure about is that a dough dividing machine can cope with a bulk dough and divide it into smaller pieces accurately and fast.

2.You create many kinds of products.

As per reports and researches, a bakery usually has 20 to 25 kinds of bread. This means you have to prepare at least 20 kinds of dough and divide them into various size ranges. For example, a baguette requires water, flour, yeast and salt and it weighs around 250 grams, while a tortilla may require butter and it ranges from 20g to 120g. It takes lots of efforts to follow different recipes and specifications especially when you only have limited number of bakers. Dividing various dough is arduous enough, let alone you have to form every dough portion into specific shapes.

Then, a dough divider machine for all materials and size ranges can be the staple in your bakery.

By the way, to help with this situation, you may want to choose a dough divider which has wide range of cutting size and easy adjustment.

3.You want to save time and money.

Do you always find yourself and other employees occupied in tedious tasks like dividing and weighing dough pieces? Automation can do all the time consuming and repetitive things in a little time.

And the same goes for money. Dough divider is of great accuracy and stability. Therefore, it reduces the reject rate, which saves the costs and is environmentally friendly.

Employees improve the efficiency for sure. But as the proverb says, we should make every penny count. Automation is an investment for good and all. It helps you save more money. With that money, you can invest in something more worthwhile like purchasing other machines, developing new products, training and learning new skills and promoting.  

4.You want to ensure food safety and hygiene

Maintaining hygiene standards is high on the list of priorities of food processing industry. But it’s easier said than done. With diverse ingredients and baking tools, countless ready-to-bake dough pieces and employees walking around, it’s hard to keep the kitchen neat and tidy.

Customers are not into messy working environment and neither are employees. It is generally believed that chaotic working conditions reduce the productivity and get workers distracted. And this is when the production may go wrong and thus the food safety and hygiene hang by the thread. What’s worse, messy environment also increases the possibility of employees getting hurt accidentally. Slipping, falling and scald happen a lot in kitchens.

To solve this, all you need is automation. Taking dough divider, an important step of dough preparation for example, it only takes little space and labor to use the divider. This will keep your kitchen well organized and thus keep the productivity high.

5.You look for perfection and excellence.

One thing we can all agree on is that uniformity and consistency is perfectly satisfying. Breads with uniform size, shape and texture look pleasing in the eyes of customers. And a dough divider with a high degree of accuracy is what makes everything happen.

In terms of customers, they know what to expect and they’ll stick to what they always like. Consistent quality ensures there won’t be sudden changes of breads, thus customers won’t feel let down. In terms of bakeries, the consistent quality will make it outstanding among other bakeries, which will attract more customers and gain more profits.

Well, now you’ve finished the passage. Got any ideas in your mind? If you decide to invest in a dough divider, Taibo can supply what you need. If you are still unsure about it, we have lots of materials about dough divider for your reference.

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