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dumpling making machine

Suitable for All Kinds of Dumpling Samosa, Spring Roll, Wonton, Empanada, Pelmeni and Ravioli, etc

Taibo Dumpling Making Machine


The dumpling making machine is used for making dumplings with meat fillings, meat and vegetable fillings, vegetable fillings, etc. With different forming molds, the machine can make samosa, spring roll, wonton, empanada, pelmeni, ravioli, etc. Finished products can be boiled, steamed, fried, quick-frozen, etc.

Working Principle:

The machine is mainly composed of three parts: dough conveying system, filling conveying system and forming system. Put the dough into the hopper and the dough will be conveyed to the outlet by the screw propeller to form a hollow dough tube. Meanwhile, the filling is pushed into the dough tube by the double-stage variable vane pump. And then the tube will be pressed and formed by the forming mold.

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